As a global player in the Steel industry, Panchakanya Group’s reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. To that end, the directors in Panchakanya was seeking a robust, cloud based ERP solution to automate the entire business processes.

Steel, Plastic, Readymix concrete
Product Implemented:
Oracle NetSuite

As a young Director  at Panchakanya, Udeep Shrestha’s task was to raise standards in business technology , across the group.

“”Embracing change is not just a necessity; it’s our opportunity to evolve and excel. As we embark on this journey of changing our ERP, we’re not just upgrading systems – we’re empowering our entire organization with the tools to innovate, streamline, and elevate our performance. This change is our commitment to a more efficient and dynamic future.”

But not only does Panchakanya have a very large workforce, it is also spread all over the Nepal. Jeetendra Ji was a Finance Officer and who also handles accounting software and have knowledge of Old system at Panchakanya. For him, it was clear that a company  needed a cloud ERP System.

“Panchakanya Group is a large organization. In order to be on the top of the game, what better way to do it than having one single system where all companies and departments are integrated? And it will be a single source of data and information.”


The Raindrop Inc realized early on that Panchakanya is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They didn’t just want a foundation to their business automation, they also wanted to train their staff to be up-to-date and current in their knowledge and skills, so they could anticipate what their customers would want.

“I had the greatest degree of confidence in Raindrop Inc’s very young team, although they didn’t have the experience at the time both in terms of number of implementation and their global certification standard, which could be very much risky for me and the organization,” Udeep Shrestha

Fortunately, the Panchakanya Group  had an accounting system, already set up. Having an accounting system meant that their staff already knew the benefits of having an integrated ERP. The next step was to find the right team, to provide the implementation the company needed.

To get Panchakanya started, The Raindrop Inc began by carefully picking an experienced partner and in-house team that were most relevant to working in a similar industry. Although, the implementation partner we outsourced  had to leave at the middle of the implementation due to long distance offline work and difficulty in connecting with the Panchakanya team due to a different work culture and region, we had no choice on rolling up our sleeves and solving all the problems one by one and deliver the system.


The Raindrop Inc’s team then worked with Panchakanya to customize and configure  core modules and bundles  to make it easy for their spread workforce to work together, wherever they are, and whenever it suited. The cloud ERP is now used by staff all over Nepal.

A launch was also successfully supported by with a range of dedicated support staff for the post go live support and customization. Today, The Raindrop Inc continues to work with Panchakanya to automate the payment by integrating the ERP with connect IPS, (a payment gateway company)  and help the company realize their full digital potential.

“I found the relationship to be a really positive one. One that was constructive. It certainly felt to me that what I was saying about Panchakanya’s needs and requirements in this space was being listened to,” concluded Ashok.