SuiteCloud: Empowering Business Innovation

Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform is a cloud-native ecosystem that provides businesses with the flexibility to tailor their NetSuite applications, automate processes, and seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions, all while delivering the scalability needed to support their growth ambitions.

With SuiteCloud, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation, making it a vital asset for achieving competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business landscape

  • SuiteBuilder

    With the SuiteBuilder customization tools, you can tailor NetSuite to your individual business needs and processes.

  • SuiteScript

    SuiteScript is the NetSuite platform built on JavaScript that enables complete customization and automation of business processes.

  • SuiteFlow

    SuiteFlow is an out-of-the-box, workflow management tool with point-and-click capabilities for tweaking and customizing business processes.

  • SuiteAnalytics

    SuiteAnalytics provides real-time saved searches, reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs) Dashboard and workbook features.


Why Make the move?

  • No Version Lock

    Customizations automatically carry forward during every version upgrade without requiring modification.

  • Customization Without Coding

    No/low-code tools put change — including the ability to extend the native data model — in the hands of non-technical business users.

  • Flexible Business Process Automation

    Automate common tasks and processes with visually defined workflows that don’t require coding.

  • Robust Application Development

    Create business applications and programmatically defined customizations that extend NetSuite

  • Software Lifecycle Management

    Control and automate your end-to-end application pipeline from build to test, deploy and upgrade.

  • Standards-based Integration

    Exchange business-critical data at scale with existing on-premises or cloud-native applications over industry standard interfaces like REST, CSV, ODBC and .NET.

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